Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Warning: Just for (f)pun... Weak Hearted don't read!!!

The time has come for us to part… This world has been a facilitative friend so far. The day is not far off when it is going to become a ferocious fiend. When the longest Solar eclipse in the history of History eclipses all our lives tomorrow, believing people will pray, non-believers will remain stoic while skeptics like me will remain undecided. When the gentle waves that lap your legs in the beach become roaring monsters which swallow you as a whole, do not think about life, do not think about death, for what is death but a continuation of life?? What is life without death? Death is a proof that you played an active part in the biological ramifications of the world. When you read this blog and prepare yourself for nether world, think of the contributions you made, not the opportunities you missed, think of the goals you achieved, not the holes into which you fell, lastly think of bliss, may your soul be blessed…

Note: Please continue to follow this page if we stay alive after tomorrow

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