Saturday, July 25, 2009


“Do we really have to go??” pleaded the eyes…

While the mind contemplated potential lies.

The horrific path to hell seemed just ahead…

Unknown was another place causing such dread.

It is believed that God lessens Fear…

What has one to do to make him hear??

Alas! Came the view of the door wide open…

Sat the white coated monster with eyes of hopen.

As he brandished his needle like a polished knife…

The shorts were lowered, apprehension rife.

Eyes shut, teeth clenched all for one small prick…

Oh lord what did I do? Other than becoming sick!!!

There are so many individuals one gets to meet at a very young age. A 2 or 3 year old kid is always flaunted about by his parents in their society, hence it is difficult not to fall in love with the cherubic face and antics that demand an encore. On the other hand, the kid might not reciprocate to each and everyone…he might instantly hit it off with some while remain apprehensive of others. But if there is one individual that a kid fears, its got to be the DOCTOR.

What is it that prompts the notion of A Doctor being a Villain into the kid’s mind? The main reason, of course, has got to be the injection. When a child first enters the clinic he might get awed by the aristocratic set up and might find the man in the white coat to be gentle. When the cold metal of the stethoscope touches his tender heart, he might feel a tad concerned about it. But as soon as the injection comes to view, the doctor becomes an assassin with the injection somehow transforming into a revolver or knife in the mind’s eye of the child. In a trice the villain is born.

At least many doctors nowadays have a reassuring smile on their faces while handling the “weapon”. But this again might be a drawback. The smile which seemingly is reassuring in their opinion might look like a sinister one to the kid. A smile nonetheless is a far better attempt than a serious face. I used to visit a doctor when I was four or five years old. He never wasted time to pick up that dreaded needle; and to make matters worse he had an absolutely morbid face that made me sure that I was going to die each time I went there (of course being a very reclusive child I didn’t give the opportunity to him or to my parents to allay my fear).

Maybe the doctors should start thinking about fancy colourful looking injections. Maybe an injection which looks like a chocolate bar with a tip from which gooey syrup drips. Ah! The look on the child’s face will say it all. He will absolutely want to have the injection…not on his bottom but right into his mouth!!!


  1. Super post mate ....
    Reminds me a bit of the "This is gonna hurt just a li'l bit" by Ogden Nash .. Some inspiration ??
    And as for them demon docs, have an apple a day folks !!!


  2. of course... the word "hopen" gives it away.. it was heavily inspired!!!