Thursday, January 21, 2010


The recent media hype about the waning popularity of tests and ODIs in India has irked the BCCI. A senior spokesperson today announced that this was absolutely false and as proof, he brought to notice the recent ODI and test match ticket sales in Eden Gardens, Kolkata. “The tickets sold out even before we opened the counter”, he said. That was, apparently, the reason why ticket counters were not opened to the public for these matches.

The recent bill passed in Pakistan which ordered all crows to be shot dead due to an alarming increase in the amount of droppings has been strongly rebuked by the All Pakistan Crow Association. They claim that the national cricket team, on its ongoing tour of Australia, has overtaken them by a fair margin as far as “droppings” were concerned.

IPL teams’ refusal to hire any Pakistani player for the 3rd edition of the tournament has brought anger and disappointment to many people, the chief amongst them being Mr. Rameez Raja. Mr. Raja was furious about this lack of interest shown by IPL teams towards Pakistani players. “As a staunch act of support for my countrymen I publicly announce that I will be boycotting the 3rd edition of the IPL”, he asserted in a recent press conference. “I will reiterate this fact even more strongly during my commentary stint for the same”, he further added.

In domestic news, the under-22 match between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka saw a majestic innings played by a young TN batsman who was also involved in a bizarre incident during the course of his knock. Having reached his century he suddenly felt in his pockets and brought out a ‘Hot Wheels’ Car and pushed it along the ground towards the bowler. Later when asked the reason behind his behavior he replied shyly that he was “toying with the bowlers” causing our fellow commentator Ravi Shastri to beam happily.

Footnote: Totally inspired by ANAND RAMACHANDRAN, Of CRICINFO Page 2

Thursday, January 14, 2010


VINNAI THAANDI VARUVAAYA...The interest that this music album has generated even before its release is phenomenal. The hype surrounding the ARR- GVM combination was given even more fuel by the composer himself when he openly stated that he felt at home and peaceful while composing for VTV. So, has the album lived up to the yearning of countless fans who took sarcastic digs at it with status messages such as “Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya… Nee Studio Thaandi Varuvaaya?”

Omana Pennae (Benny Dayal, Kalyani menon): The immediate attention catcher in this song is the mesmerizing use of Nadaswaram (has it been digitally modified?). Benny Dayal simply makes his voice flow with the instruments that at times there seems to be no distinguishing factors. Kalyani menon is another surprise package who renders the Malayalam classical bit in the song with awe inspiring beauty of voice. The last minute and a half of this number is sure to take you to your fantasy world where your “Omana” might be waiting for you.

Anbil Avan (Devan, Chinmayi): Chinmayi all the way in this one!! She is inimitable once again and simply eases away through the song. I think the song, at least in some parts like the chorus “Nee vaanavilaaga”, is influenced by Gautam Menon, in whose every movie there is inevitably such a fast, energetic number with a catchy chorus. Devan of ‘Smiyai’ fame makes a comeback with this song and makes full use of this “GOD” given opportunity. The clever use of the famous south Indian song “Aanandam Aanandam” in between suggests that the number is themed on a marriage ceremony.

Mannipaaya (A R Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal): Shreya haunts us with her lilting voice once again. The sadness in this song is easily felt, especially when Rahman starts singing. The number beautifully captures the pangs of guilt and sorrow between troubled lovers. The song will not top the charts for sure, but it might be the perfect foil to some intense visuals which can always be expected from Gautam.

Kannukkul(Naresh iyer): A potpourri of instruments (Violin, Guitar and brilliant percussions) coupled with an Energetic Naresh Iyer makes this number a worthwhile listen. But Rahman has nothing new to offer by way of this song, just plain enjoyable music.

Hosanna (Vijay prakash, Blaaze, Suzanne): The start of this one is a complete camouflage of what the song actually has in store. A slow start by Vijay prakash followed by some soulful humming by Suzanne gives the feel of a magical melody. But what follows is not exactly a melody, but indeed magical. Vijay gets into his usual verve to give a cracking start. Blaaze, of course, ‘hip-hops’ his way to steal the limelight of this sure shot chartbuster. The inspirational traces of Rahman’s Multi-lingual song ‘One Love’ is easily evident in this number, especially the female humming part.

Aaromalae (Alphonse): The innovative genius of a musical prodigy is written all over this number. What can be said except “Wow!!” Hard Rock Music meets Kerala Back Waters and is interspersed with mind stirring chants of Sanskrit Verses. When the chorus “Swasti Swasti Sumuhurtham” starts, just close your eyes, let the music fill your head and feel the hair on your hands raise in acknowledgement of a ‘once in a lifetime’ musician filling your earthly life with heavenly interruptions in the form of his albums. When the song ends you will be in that curious state of exhilaration coupled with disappointment; the former for having listened to a mind boggling number and the latter for the fact that it has come to an end.

VERDICT: When all you faithful Rahman fans listen to his latest offering for the first time, you are sure to have a puzzled expression on your face. There will be a hint of smile when you listen to it for the second time. But, trust me, when you will eventually attempt a third listen (which any faithful Rahman fan is sure to do) you will be ecstatic, for such music does indeed come from right across the sky…Vinnai Thaandi…

Monday, January 11, 2010


A bright and blue day heralded the New Year for all, save a few fanatic Indian Cricket lovers like me. The truth of the matter is we have seen too much of 'blue' in the past few months. BCCI is partly to blame for the colour fiasco, but wholly to blame for the appalling schedule of tournaments. Given the rate at which India and Sri lanka have been playing cricket against each other, it will not be long before both teams decide to blindfold themselves and test the extent of familiarity bred into them. You can already feel the lack of zing in the ongoing tri series. Lanka and India are already bored of each other; to them add the 'flash in the pan' Bangladesh and you end up with a perfect lullaby of a tournament. It is no wonder players complain of fatigue. Scheduling of such unwanted tournaments not only create physical fatigue but also mental boredom for them. One can now see the shrewd cricketing acumen of Sachin Tendulkar who opted himself out of this tedium. BCCI should take a cue from him and stop scheduling such redundant tours in the future.

Speaking of the future, Indian Cricketing year getting off to such a dull start in 2010 will in no way dampen the spirits of the cricket crazy nation. Those who, like me, are fed up of watching dark blue vs shining blue can sit back and rub their hands in anticipation of a series which can now be called The Pinnacle . Yes, the top two teams of the world will lock horns in about a month and for the first time in many years none of the two spots belong to Australia. When India and South Africa clash later next month the fever will be back and buzz will start afresh... as for now we shall have to wait patiently for our 'blues' to end.