Monday, January 11, 2010


A bright and blue day heralded the New Year for all, save a few fanatic Indian Cricket lovers like me. The truth of the matter is we have seen too much of 'blue' in the past few months. BCCI is partly to blame for the colour fiasco, but wholly to blame for the appalling schedule of tournaments. Given the rate at which India and Sri lanka have been playing cricket against each other, it will not be long before both teams decide to blindfold themselves and test the extent of familiarity bred into them. You can already feel the lack of zing in the ongoing tri series. Lanka and India are already bored of each other; to them add the 'flash in the pan' Bangladesh and you end up with a perfect lullaby of a tournament. It is no wonder players complain of fatigue. Scheduling of such unwanted tournaments not only create physical fatigue but also mental boredom for them. One can now see the shrewd cricketing acumen of Sachin Tendulkar who opted himself out of this tedium. BCCI should take a cue from him and stop scheduling such redundant tours in the future.

Speaking of the future, Indian Cricketing year getting off to such a dull start in 2010 will in no way dampen the spirits of the cricket crazy nation. Those who, like me, are fed up of watching dark blue vs shining blue can sit back and rub their hands in anticipation of a series which can now be called The Pinnacle . Yes, the top two teams of the world will lock horns in about a month and for the first time in many years none of the two spots belong to Australia. When India and South Africa clash later next month the fever will be back and buzz will start afresh... as for now we shall have to wait patiently for our 'blues' to end.

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