Thursday, January 21, 2010


The recent media hype about the waning popularity of tests and ODIs in India has irked the BCCI. A senior spokesperson today announced that this was absolutely false and as proof, he brought to notice the recent ODI and test match ticket sales in Eden Gardens, Kolkata. “The tickets sold out even before we opened the counter”, he said. That was, apparently, the reason why ticket counters were not opened to the public for these matches.

The recent bill passed in Pakistan which ordered all crows to be shot dead due to an alarming increase in the amount of droppings has been strongly rebuked by the All Pakistan Crow Association. They claim that the national cricket team, on its ongoing tour of Australia, has overtaken them by a fair margin as far as “droppings” were concerned.

IPL teams’ refusal to hire any Pakistani player for the 3rd edition of the tournament has brought anger and disappointment to many people, the chief amongst them being Mr. Rameez Raja. Mr. Raja was furious about this lack of interest shown by IPL teams towards Pakistani players. “As a staunch act of support for my countrymen I publicly announce that I will be boycotting the 3rd edition of the IPL”, he asserted in a recent press conference. “I will reiterate this fact even more strongly during my commentary stint for the same”, he further added.

In domestic news, the under-22 match between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka saw a majestic innings played by a young TN batsman who was also involved in a bizarre incident during the course of his knock. Having reached his century he suddenly felt in his pockets and brought out a ‘Hot Wheels’ Car and pushed it along the ground towards the bowler. Later when asked the reason behind his behavior he replied shyly that he was “toying with the bowlers” causing our fellow commentator Ravi Shastri to beam happily.

Footnote: Totally inspired by ANAND RAMACHANDRAN, Of CRICINFO Page 2


  1. LOL ..
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  2. thanks should read anand ramachandran's column in cricinfo da..its stomach achingly funny...this is just an amateur inspiration of him.