Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random thoughts (Based on happenings)


In a recently viewed marriage video, every second person who came to wish the couple had an identical gift to offer…A Flower Bouquet. It is true that the inclination for giving a gift is far more important than the gift itself, but come on, cant people cogitate better than bouquets?? The life of a flower is hardly 12 hours, however beautiful it looks or smells. What good does a bouquet do? Ok, it’s a symbol of love, peace blah blah blah… but at the end of the day where does it end up?? No prizes for guessing that… and a thousand sorrys to you if you are a bouquet giver…


There was this guy sitting next to me on the train who exchanged pleasantries with me. With a tedious six hour journey ahead, he decided that getting to know a stranger would be a good pass time and I happened to be one. He wheedled out a whole lot of information from me…my native place, school, college, the course I pursued and the company I got placed. I don’t know what made me do it, but I told him that my company would not call me in the near future and that I was trying for a core job. I should have shut my mouth with that, but no; I went on about how these off campus recruitments and PSU jobs were hopeless and farcical. There came a rejoinder from him that something is bound to come up and I shouldn’t worry myself. Well, what would you call that? Courtesy, sympathy or whatever it is. I was hearing that statement from my relatives and friends only till then…now from a complete stranger who wouldn’t give two hoots about where I work or where I shit. What a really gentle place this world is becoming…sugar-coated words of comfort come out even from a complete nonentity!!! (If my co passenger happens to read this then I am making it clear that I am not referring to him but to the one sitting on the other side… If that almost improbable thing of both of them reading this post happens, then all I can say is… THANK YOU!!!)


This cab driver with whom I was traveling seemed to have various annals of knowledge in the layers of his mind. He categorically stated that in a few years the use of mobile phones will get outdated as the world will embrace telepathy. Yeah… it seems we can just send SMSes to our friends through our mind. Possessing a capricious mind, the guy was soon delving into the geographical secrets of the world when he triumphantly announced that a large enough hole drilled on any road in India will lead to USA!!! Well… did he stop with that?? Hell No!!! The rich Indian mythology was the next target as he revealed the present identity given to the anciently mythical underground world called “Pathaala loka”… its called USA now!!! After non stop enlightenment for 1 hour, the cab came to a stop at brigade road. “ please give your mobile number so that I can call and tell you where I have parked the vehicle”, said the well-versed cabbie. I was about to give it to him, but decided against it…” but of course you can intimate me with your all pervading telepathic mind”, was my reply, which left him sheepishly gaping at me and left me with a great sense of relief having avenged a one hour barrage of mind numbing nonsense.


  1. Flowers ?? Co passengers ?? cool !!
    Go on abt the cabbie .... He seems to be a hoot !!!


  2. haha! i remember this one..funny!