Thursday, May 19, 2011


When I was a boy, barely aged four
I saw you decimate villains galore
Fights were violent, till you came along
They became pure joy, just to see you on song

Even your unkempt hair made a style statement
Your films gave meaning to mass entertainment
We thronged the theatres for ‘first-day-first-show’
Decibels lost their meaning, when we saw your intro

Your lopsided smile made people go senile
Your majestic walk soon became national talk
A twirl of your fingers captured million hearts
With each of your movies a new festival starts

Charisma as a catchword could fit none better
Sunglasses without you, Ah! Do they even matter?
Dialogues packed a punch only when said by you
Who cares about storyline? Your mere presence will do

You gave strength to the weak and courage to the meek
With every new movie you scaled another peak
So we geared up for the next in your winning streak
But now we hear that your health is very bleak

The whole of India waits with bated breath
For you to fight this villainous ill-health
Inside the hospital as you lie
Our only plea to you: THALAIVA! Please don’t die…

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