Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Whichever side you turn, it is improbable to hear any positive news with respect to life in India nowadays. Draught has well and truly set its foot on the parched Indian fields and barren farmer lives, leading some of them to suicidal extremes. The prices of essential house hold goods have skyrocketed; there wouldn’t have been even a semblance of thought in anyone’s mind that they would reach a stage when a kilogram of Dal would cost them a day’s earnings. 100 rupees for a kg of lentils must be something more than serious for the middle class population, but it spells disaster for the poverty stricken population which is, sadly, India’s majority. Even rice which is an absolute necessity is priced at 40 to 50 a kg, hardly a range affordable by an average autorickshaw driver earning just about double that price per day. What are our political supremos doing in these troubled times? Well, two of them seem to be busy exchanging statues of leaders of their respective states to resolve a water issue. Another one seems intent on building some of her own statues. That’s India for you…take the wrong decisions exactly at the right time. Why wouldn’t a bright youngster flee the country at a given academic chance in alien land? Of course, youngsters have to take the mantle in their hands and do something rather than voice their opinions from a non committal corner. But where is the opportunity for them? Which party will allow such young talent to flourish without any bounds? Majority of the country fleeing graduates are also partly to be blamed though one can understand their predicament. Everything in India is high…the population, the competition, the corruption, unemployment, prices and now swine flu cases as well. The reward our country gets in return to sending its brightest talents to foreign use is some deadly virus sent back as a thanksgiving present. As if this virus is not enough, the mass of religious cheaters in the name of swamijis and the even bigger mass of blind followers of such cheaters form a far more dangerous virus which is devoid of any vaccine. When will they ever learn?

Having released a part of my pent up fury so far, I should admit that I have no rights to comment on all this. What am I doing after all? Simply witnessing the pathetic situation in the country and feeling frustrated at not having a job or an income. What steps have I taken, at least on my individual part, to help the country to recoup from this situation? Nothing. Maybe if and when I get a job, I too, like my fellow countrymen, will mind my own business, take care of my own bank account, look after my own family and live a blind life.

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