Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Warning: Vikram Fans please don’t read.

A 9 minute trailer 2 years before the movie’s release date…continuous hype all through the shoot…hi-fi audio release and huge promos…simultaneous releases in multiple languages…and what do we get?? “Kandhasamy…idha paatha un kadha kandhal samy!!!”

After the 3 hour ordeal of watching the “horror” movie the first thought that came to my mind was ‘does Vikram have a mental disorder?’ This notion might be ridiculed by many fans of his but on close introspection it is quite evident that Vikram is a real weakling when it comes to choosing his scripts. Take Saamy for example. The film was a mass masala movie portraying a different vikram. And what did the actor come up with on its heels? A damp squib called “Arul” which was essentially the quickest ever remake of an older movie…it was Saamy all over again without the police get up. Even his “Gemini” was a lackluster affair but for the villain’s antics and the ‘o podu’ effect. Still the film was a grosser and Vikram once again spoiled his name with a closely followed atrocity called “Kaadhal sadugudu”. Anniyan was a thoroughly professional and stupendously glitzy work with Shankar at the helm and a fighting fit Vikram donning the greasepaint for 3 separate but composite roles. “Majaa” was a sordid affair outlining Vikram’s lack in ability for comic portrayal. “Bheema” was another disaster, but Vikram can be excused as it was no fault of his. But “Kandhasamy”?? Vikram must have either been out of his mind while listening to this script or the director(Susi Ganesan) must have hypnotized him. What makes it even more unpardonable on Vikram’s part is the amount of hype he gave to the movie and his role. Being an Ardent and, at times, a mindless Rajini Kanth fan I can still frankly accept that even if Superstar had acted for this script it would have bombed.

The movie can be summed up in a sentence: Take the age old Shankar film formulae, mix the student networking concept of Captain’s “Ramanaa” and add a generous dash of the screenplay of Vijay’s “Villu”…Voila!!! you have Kandhasamy!!!

I feel guilty for having wasted the hard earned money of my parents on this humongous pile of human shit. Having already witnessed Susi Ganesan’s unmanageable torture called “Thiruttu Payalae” I should have learnt a lesson. Sadly I didn’t…and neither did he.

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