Friday, May 8, 2009

about me

oh.. yet another so called blogger wasting his and others' time with useless info about himself. yes, very true but i will still do it. life has taught me many things and one of the important ones is the necessity to express yourself, so where else to do it than a blog!! Ok, to get started... i am Jagannath a Final year engineering student pursuing mehanical in Sastra University, tanjore. i am basically a very jovial person who likes to crack jokes , be happy blah blah blah... cut the crap you say... ok ok. Like our very own indian author chetan bhagat, i have also committed 3 mistakes in my life till now (though he committed his fourth by publishing his mistakes!!!). first was to take up science group during my 12th std. second was to decide to pursue engineering after 12th. and the final one was to join sastra university. oh well... after coming here and seeing so many other people who have committed the same mistakes i was a little emboldened and ever since have managed to live with my mistakes. there are certain people who offer you advice during a career deciding juncture in your life... out of them very few are really helpful in the long run. one such advice came from my cousin who told that whatever be the institute in which you pursue your degree, if you are the cream in it then you can come up in life. i dont know if i have come up in life or will come up but that piece of advice was indeed a spirit lifter.
everyone talks about having goals set for themselves and dreams that they have for their future, but frankly i dont have any goals and have never had them all my life. my life has been like an unmanned boat which goes along the ebbs and flows of the stream... so far it hasnt toppled.
there are only three people in this world who can make me happy in a flash of a second (of course not counting parents, family etc..). Sachin Tendulkar, A R Rahman and SuperStar Rajinikanth. all my childhood i grew up along with tendulkar's career... it was like watching something out of this world... his batting. there were times when sachin hindered with my studies, made me fight with my parents, friends etc. its been 15 years of watching the tendulkar magic unravel and i am dreading the day he will hang up his boots... the cricket fan in me will retire the same day i guess.
i always think of myself as rational and sane... but when it comes to Rajinikanth... well what can you say!! is it rational to believe that one man can simply change people's lives with his strength, style, panache and charisma?? well... a 100 crore people believe so and i am one of them. there is no proper explanation to this except for the fact that i lose myself when i see him on the screen... thalaivar enikkume enakku thalaivar dhaan!!
music heals... i firmly belive in this. A R Rahman was the person who made me believe in it. to describe his work in one word... heavenly!!! people might argue that ilayaraaja, msv and people before that were far better... well i dont know about that too much because i grew up with rahman's music filling my world, enlivening my sad times, catlysing my happy ones and supporting me through out my endeavours.
well i have said enough about myself i guess...

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