Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life @ Sastra

Advertising is the most important factor in business. i learnt this just before i joined sastra. yeah... i got sucked in by the glittering prospectus which portrayed sastra as THE happening place. the campus pictures were simply breathtaking and the infrastructure, facility information etc. given in the prospectus were a lure to anybody seeing it. well... its been four years since i came here and i have now learnt how much of truth there is in the prospectus. simply put... seeing is not believing... its getting fooled..
first year was more like school. after 2 months i started wondering, what did people say about college life?? fun, independence, no barriers for enjoyment etc etc. i hadnt experienced any of it till then. it was worse than school. has anyone heard of a college which levies a fine on you for going home to be with your parents?? well... it happens here, thats sastra for you. attend classes... score marks in cycle tests... mug... mug... mug. then things started to ease out once i made more friends... my friend circle from school was already here so there was no dearth of known people. it was just that once i widened this circle college became a more comfortable punishment.
Second semester followed by the whole of second year were the most fun. intramural cultural events, cricket tournaments and what not!! the fun was marred by an internal conflict between our friends. 2 of them left our group... or they may say we left them, but the end result was the same. i started enjoying the fun filled ethos of hostel life during my second year only. watching cricket matches in the crowded TV room and shouting your lungs out for india!!! there cannot be a better feeling than that especially if you are a cricket fan. even exams turned out to be fun once we discovered the concept of group studies... night outs...
Third year was no different from second.. but the fun element got reduced once each and everyone got their own systems to hostel. rather it can be said that the mode of fun changed from chatting in groups late night, playing dokku cricket, cards etc. to seeing movies on the system or playing games in it. i personally thought that we became more aloof with one another because of system.
fourth year was a scramble... first half i spent in germany undergoing a 4 month internship. total freedom, fun and exposure to a different culture. it was indeed a learning curve. the second half has been a race against time... 7th sem exams... project... review... whew!!! now the nostalgia is slowly creeping in. life at sastra is almost over. having said so much about this place... i will still be missing it... but only because of the memories i shared here with my friends... treasures to be cherished forever and ever!!!


  1. jaga.... indeed we ll all miss sastra and our dear friends da..... especially Come On tiger!!
    Wen we think of all these stuff later in life we can share a lighter moment... chancey illa :) ..

  2. Yeah true .. Prob the only thing tht we'll miss are the ppl i guess ... Hey wait a minute .. You forgot the mess food ;)

  3. yeah... forgot to mention come on tiger... what fun... we still havent played that farewell match we decided on... anyway the 2 tournaments we played will always be memorable... COME ON TIGER!!!

  4. machi... how can u miss gold cup da , the trademark drink of sastra... and u cud hav mentioned that sastra made u thin ... don u think thats a miracle ? :P

  5. yeah yeah... i thank sastra for that... better than spending money for vlcc...