Friday, December 23, 2011


From an obscure mass curled up in a womb
To a lifeless form asleep in a tomb
Surrounded we are everywhere by shackles
In vain do we make an attempt to grapple

The chain adds a link everyday anew
Thousands claim stake for places too few
Everything’s a comparison with our peers
We toil and struggle, all for empty cheers?

Schooling opens paths trodden to the limit
Interested or not, you have no say in it
Colleges manufacture degree certified machines
Who land up in companies with numerous dreams.

A year or two at work
brings questions to the mind
Masters or Management
else y’are left behind
Blinded by the need for money, power and fame
We choose a path seeing others do the same

Every step taken to release oneself from shackles
Is nothing but a journey within vicious circles
Then what is to be done to break free and go?
All we need is freedom, to say Yes…and a firm No

1 comment:

  1. very good one! away from the conventional melodrama. truly refreshing. :)