Friday, June 26, 2009

How Thoughtless of me.....

It is indeed baffling as to the kind of thoughts that gets into your mind when it is jobless. You suddenly get a vision of a great plot for a story, or maybe an itching to write a short poem; sometimes even to the extent of dreaming about writing a novel. All these thoughts occupy your mind even though your inner heart clarifies that you are bound to suck at all of them…still I am posting one of my frivolous attempts at poetry ( if I am allowed to call it that!!!). It is about the deep love felt by a boy…and it has a “twist in the tale”.

PS: no spitting allowed!!! So here goes……

In those languid days of boyhood summer...

Your serene face made me an aimless bummer.

Math showed me numerous curves...all futile,

For none could match that bonny curve...your smile.

The days i couldn't see you were Hell on earth...

I implored to god to stop his games of mirth.

One fine evening as the breeze brushed by...

I saw you, hand in hand, with another guy.

I wanted to embrace death then and there...

For without you, life wasn't worth even a hair.

Then came the moment that made me go "Oh bother!!!"

The person holding your hands was, after all, your Brother!!!


  1. Thalae !!!
    Pinnite po !!!!
    Terror o terror!!!

    Both brilliant and clever at the same time !!!

    "life wasn't worth even a hair." ..
    semmai ... ( whentranslated in tamil ;) )
    was tht a cheeky double meanin there??? ;)

  2. yes... it was inspired by the tamil meaning only :)

  3. machi... everythin is superb da.. but the hair part slightly disturbs me ... and try puttin these in some newspaper or magazine da. u ll become famous soon.

  4. amazing da...chanceless...really good...

  5. Awesome! Hats off to ur creativity... :)The title is contradicting to wat u hav written coz u hav thought a LOT.. :P nice poem..u cud as well publish ur works.. all articles r good.. kudos!

  6. hey... who is this gayu?? is it gayathri? Tp's class mate?... thanks anyway